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About Us

We do designing, fabricating an installation

With the dream to excel in standards in shutters and welding works providing best modern quality products to our customers, Nexgrills was founded in 1975. Nexgrills focuses to:

  • Provide innovative wrought iron style products
  • Combine the traditional feel of wrought iron with modern elegance
  • Offer an excellent responsive services to customers

We are the second generation carrying on with the old world trade of wrought iron fabrication. Our products are hand fabricated and sturdy, because they are given a great attention to. We tend to use a Denser Gauge of Mild Steel in our products to give that yester year look and quality.

We have built up a reputation for imaginative, practical and stylish quality wrought iron products. Originally specializing in wrought iron products, it has brought original modern designs to the traditional wrought iron style.

Our staff consists of experienced and professional supervisors, fabricators and adequate strength of assistant labourers to carry out the works within the stipulated period of the contract. We possess adequate tools and equipments to carry out the work efficiently so we can liaise with other on-site contractors amicably.

Without being self-conceited we can say with confidence that all our clients, architects and consultants with whom we have been dealing or worked with are completely satisfied by our work and the post contracting services rendered by us. We have no hesitation if you want to have contract with any our clients or consultants to corroborate our claims as specialist wrought iron furniture makers and fabricators.

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